Storage system

Elegance, high-quality, versatility – This is what the Sedus relations range of storage units stands for. As a unit with plinth or as an add-on unit, and as a prestigious-looking lowboard, the appeal of the relations product line is to be found in the quality of its finish. This can be experienced the first time it is opened thanks to its smooth-running sliding doors. On the inside, there is lots of space that can be used for filing systems and drawers. Numerous design options with exquisite surfaces and attractive colours round off the possibilities of this range of storage units.

Design: Andreas Struppler / Sedus Design Team

Design for the executive

Cupboards and storage units are among the items of furniture that give a room its aura. An opportunity that Sedus relations exploits with its elegant design radiating confident amiability. It is characterised by classical lines, which convey an impression of high quality and prestige at the very first glance. However, this is not the only reason why relations is often selected as the choice of preference for executives' rooms. There is also the outstanding quality, which is apparent immediately.

Nice and tidy. Sedus relations

Characteristic of the relations storage unit range is the passe-partout-like frame made of anodised or chrome-plated aluminium that elegantly surrounds the front and at the same time serves to guide the sliding doors. With this special mechanism the sliding doors open over the entire interior width – for optimum access to files, documents and working material. Sedus relations is available as a storage unit with plinth, an add-on unit and a lowboard. The fronts, made of real wood veneer, melamine or glass can be freely combined and offer a variety of design options.



Sustainable production

We purchase around two thirds of the steel, aluminium and wood which we require to produce our products in Germany and almost all the rest from Europe, this helps us to avoid long delivery routes whilst, at the same time, boosting the local economy. We use materials which have been tested and assessed with respect to potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment.



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