Tall pedestals

Tall pedestals




Whether in open-plan offices with bench workstations or in small offices with single tables, Sedus tall pedestal plus units provide maximum personal storage space with maximum functionality. Three variants are available – the tall pedestal with 3 binder heights, the table height version and combined pedestal with add-on shelf. Sedus tall pedestal plus units are available with various interiors and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories according to personal taste.

Design: Sedus Design Team

Storage space that creates rooms. Sedus tall pedestal plus

Sedus tall pedestals plus are much more than just storage space. Thanks to the discerning design and sophisticated construction, they are multifunctional items of furniture that can be used to create rooms. The tall pedestals plus can also be used to screen workstations. At the same time, they are also ideal communication points with additional shelf space, since the top of the inner carcass acts as a returntable when extended.

Worthwhile and not only for keeping things in order: Sedus tall pedestal

As well as the tall pedestal plus, the attractively priced tall pedestal also offers plenty of storage space. Visually elegant, versatile and available in three depths, it is ideal, for instance, for folders and hanging files. And because it is the height of a standing table, the tall pedestal can also be used as a room divider and as a meeting place for spontaneous meetings.



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