The Personal Touch: Sedus to spotlight individualisation at Orgatec

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The workplace has always played an important role as a meeting space in people's lives. Characterised by collaboration and togetherness, the connection to each other has been practised and encouraged. However, the world of work has changed. Hybrid workplace models are shaping the modern workscape. Many companies are setting themselves the task of giving greater importance to the human factor in the office, which is supported through proximity and exchange with one another.

The second product launch this year from Sedus focuses on individuals and their basic needs. The concepts and product innovations that will be introduced to the market in autumn bring more cosiness into the office and give employers the opportunity to make the office an even more attractive place for employees to meet, communicate but also find a place of retreat. The new customisable solutions create a new ecosystem in the office, in which workspaces flow harmoniously into one another.

"The motto at the Orgatec will be 'The Personal Touch'," explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. "The interplay of agile elements and furniture in the office is becoming more important than ever. They harmonise with each other, creating an atmosphere that is pleasant, beneficial, and inspiring. The configurability of the furniture and furnishings gives rooms a personal touch that promotes the creativity of employees and increases a sense of well-being in the office. The solutions and concepts have a holistic approach and embody the optimal interaction between the digital and physical space. In the process, the individual has more influence on their environment. The result is a place with a personal touch."

Taking personalisation to a new level

The demands placed on a workplace are becoming increasingly complex. It is a matter of finding simple solutions. Sedus shows how the office can be designed to meet the individual needs of each company with its new modular chair. One chair, three mechanisms, six different armrests, six different backrests and a multitude of colour combinations offer thousands of possible combinations to meet user requirements. Regardless of whether it is a temporary, shared or permanently assigned workstation or home office – the new model can be optimally configured for every type of use situation.

Storage space takes on a new meaning in the office. The new solutions must be flexible, able to adapt to constantly changing circumstances and increasingly serve as space-creating elements in open office landscapes. At the same time, the furniture must capture that “personal touch”. The modular combinable shelving system, which Sedus will be presenting in the autumn, features intelligent design and visually enhances any room. The flexible elements offer the opportunity to create zones for creative exchange, and also space for concentrated work. It blends harmoniously into modern workplace concepts and can be easily put together individually using the online configurator.

Design enthusiasts will also have something to look forward to when it comes to new products: Sedus will be making a powerful statement at Orgatec with the first office swivel chair with the seat and backrest covered by membrane. The design of the chair is ingenious: When the user sits down, the backrest pressure automatically adjusts and adapts to their weight. The organic shape of the frame has a light, dynamic design which provides optimum support for the user and adapts to the body like a glove.

With the addition of the "Limbic Office" to the colour schemes, Sedus is bringing even more personality to the home office and office. Employees can add a personal touch to the furniture in their home office. The new methodology helps companies to better express their own brand identity, thereby increasing identification and the brand experience.

Digital solutions for more individual freedom

Modern communication and information technology offers many new opportunities for hybrid working. In addition to office furniture, Sedus will also be presenting a number of digital features in Cologne in autumn which have been developed in the last few months with its partner Cisco. The new networking solutions are intended to support the path to a "barrier-free" workplace experience. The new tools simplify collaboration in digital workshops and supports users in working remotely. The strong partnership with Cisco allows Sedus to further expand its expertise in the field of Smart Working.

Perfectly in line with Orgatec, Sedus is also publishing the new edition of the Sedus INSIGHTS trend monitor. "My personal sphere – how technology can enhance the workplace experience and help to shape the individual workspace" – this is the main topic of the 16th issue of the magazine. For more information on Sedus INSIGHTS and the current issue, click here: Trend-Monitor "Sedus INSIGHTS"

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