Karl Bröcker Foundation

Foundation set up by: Renate Bröcker (†1998)

Date established
26. January 1999

Management board
of the foundation
Susanne Brandherm

Advisory board
Werner Blanke
Carsten Walter
Andrea Wisk

Children are the future – and yet there are many children and young people without any chance of a happy life in freedom, of security, health and a decent education. The aim and mission of the foundation is to help them.

Purpose of the foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to promote help for children and young people, including the respective reference persons (e. g. parents), in so far as this appears useful for support of the children and/or young people in question, and to promote public health. Its aim is also to promote the public health system, support people who meet the requirements of § 53 AO and to procure funds for charitable organisations that pursue a comparable goal so that these organisations can use the funds for their charitable work.

Assets and income
The assets of the foundation consist of shares held in Sedus Stoll AG as well as diverse financial investments.

Karl Bröcker Stiftung
Lipperoder Strasse 11, D-59555 Lippstadt