Modern office concepts for the working world of tomorrow

Just as the work itself and the requirements are constantly changing, so are the working environments. Companies are no longer interested in simply performing tasks; knowledge-based and creative processes have gained enormous importance. Employees and their ideas are among the most valuable assets, and the challenge is to keep capable employees and attract new ones. Modern office concepts are characterised by the fact that every employee is provided with the working environment he or she needs. The future is diverse and flexible; it will include individual offices as well as desksharing and open-plan offices that are designed and furnished according to the latest trends.

The way we work is changing

Numerous factors have had and still have a lasting effect on the modern workplace. Digitalisation in particular has shaped New Work and Office 4.0, and thus also changed the way people communicate. A great number of channels and platforms open up numerous possibilities that make working more flexible and agile. The classic desk workstation has been increasingly exposed to competition: Team workplaces, intermediate zones, places of retreat and areas for informal exchange have become just as important.

Supporting people in expressing their genius at work

Sedus is deeply committed to the concepts of working and the office of the future. New products and working methods are thoroughly tested and evaluated, for example, the new Sedus Smart Office in Dogern. It has been designed as a "living office", combining ergonomics and design as well as state-of-the-art media technology and a well thought-out colour and lighting concept. The idea is to support employees in their office living space so that they can develop their potential and express their genius at work.

New Work

The terms New Work, Office 4.0 and agile working describe the constant change in the world of work. Whereas in the past productive work was measured mainly in terms of physical presence at the desk, this perception has now undergone a significant change. Good work is now measured by the result – regardless of whether it is done at your own workplace, at a high desk or in your home office. This is where modern office concepts come into play: They offer the right environment for every work requirement.

Trends for the working world of tomorrow

The trends and developments for the working world of the future are very diverse. The feel-good factor plays a particularly important role. In addition to ergonomic and sustainable aspects, it also includes the attractiveness of the working environment. Sterile and dull furnishings are a thing of the past – well thought-out concepts, on the other hand, promote different working styles and good communication and, at the same time, generate a positive atmosphere.

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