The two foundations, whose purpose is to maintain the entrepreneurial independence of Sedus Stoll AG, pursue non-commercial, philanthropic goals.

In accordance with the wishes of the founders, the Stoll VITA Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of scientific research, public health, education, animal husbandry, plant breeding, protection of the environment and nature, and preservation of the countryside.

The Karl Bröcker Foundation primarily supports educational projects as well as medical and therapeutic projects/institutions for children living in Germany and abroad.

This cannot be seen in our office furniture but, without this background, our products would not be as they are today.


Foundation set up by: Emma Stoll (†2010) and Christof Stoll (†2003)

Date established
8. March 1985

Management of the Foundation
Adelheid Kummle (Chairman)
Heinrich Lachenmaier (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Klaus Eisele

In the long term, successful entrepreneurial activity must always be rooted in values.

Purpose of the foundation
In setting up this foundation, Emma and Christof Stoll intended to settle the question of what company was to succeed Christof Stoll GmbH & Co. KG (today, Sedus Stoll AG) and to ensure that the focal points of their lifelong commitment and their attitude to life was continued in an organisationally independent notforprofit institution. The propagation of knowledge regarding healthy means of nourishment and the promotion of ecological farming and horticulture as well as holistic medicine were their main interests.

Assets and income
The assets of the foundation mainly consist of the majority shareholding in Sedus Stoll AG, which the founders gifted to the foundation while they were still alive. The ongoing activities of the foundation are financed from the income derived

Stoll VITA Stiftung
Brückenstrasse 15, D-79761 Waldshut


Foundation set up by: Renate Bröcker (†1998)

Date established
26. January 1999

Management board of the foundation
Susanne Brandherm

Advisory board
Werner Blanke
Carsten Walter
Andrea Wisk

Children are the future – and yet there are many children and young people without any chance of a happy life in freedom, of security, health and a decent education. The aim and mission of the foundation is to help them.

Purpose of the foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to promote help for children and young people, including the respective reference persons (e. g. parents), in so far as this appears useful for support of the children and/or young people in question, and to promote public health. Its aim is also to promote the public health system, support people who meet the requirements of § 53 AO and to procure funds for charitable organisations that pursue a comparable goal so that these organisations can use the funds for their charitable work.

Assets and income
The assets of the foundation consist of shares held in Sedus Stoll AG as well as diverse financial investments.

Karl Bröcker Stiftung
Lipperoder Strasse 11, D-59555 Lippstadt

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