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Prestigious, high-quality, special: wherever it is necessary to create a good impression, the Sedus invitation conference tables are the very first choice. For example, in conference rooms used to receive guests and business partners. The design and materials are of such high quality that there can be no doubt at all: here, conference topics are not the only thing on the agenda, there is also a sense of stylish self-confidence.

Design: Mathias Seiler (Sedus Design Team)

Design your own unique Sedus product – after all, maximum comfort requires customised solutions.

Our configurator guides you step by step through the various options and customisation possibilities of the product. At the end of the configuration process, you can request a non-binding quote, download images and planning data and test the product directly in the room using augmented reality.

You can call up your personal configuration again at any time using your personal PIN code – just save it, come back later and make adjustments. Let's go!


More elegance with efficiency is hardly possible

The invitation system bench communicates in a clear design vocabulary. On the one hand, it is pleasingly reserved and, on the other, its superb materials immediately create a high-quality impression. Nothing interferes with productive working, nothing distracts from shared communication. And yet invitation is rich in elegant details such as the A-shaped base sections at the sides that are made of die-cast aluminium and show how stability does not necessarily rule out lightness.

An immediate eye-catcher for visitors

How special the invitation conference tables are is shown by a very attractive example: the round meeting table with its elegant, star-shaped veneer. Wherever people get together, it promotes communication and interaction in a particularly handsome manner. The fact that the round meeting table stands out, however, even when it is not being used, becomes apparent at first glance – after all, it is a real eye-catcher.


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