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Teamwork comes naturally for us and is the most efficient way to achieve goals. Idea follows idea, puzzle parts join to form a big picture. This is exactly the same with the Sedus invitation system, which is nothing other than an invitation to exchange ideas creatively. Thanks to its modular structure, everyone has their own workstation but is still part of the team. Concentrated working as well as communication and productive interchange are therefore made possible.

Design: Mathias Seiler (Sedus Design Team)

Design your own unique Sedus product – after all, maximum comfort requires customised solutions.

Our configurator guides you step by step through the various options and customisation possibilities of the product. At the end of the configuration process, you can request a non-binding quote, download images and planning data and test the product directly in the room using augmented reality.

You can call up your personal configuration again at any time using your personal PIN code – just save it, come back later and make adjustments. Let's go!


More knowledge, more creativity, more success

Teamwork is the ideal way to expand one's horizons. This is supported by a table that offers more room: the invitation double bench with table heights of 1922 mm, 1690 mm and 1290 mm. The innovative multi-functional rails with a third level, the modesty screen and flexible storage surfaces make everything conveniently reachable. Numerous accessories for workstation organisation can be fitted very quickly as they can be attached without tools. And the power, network and laptop cables disappear into the freely accessible cable trough. Everything neat and tidy.


As flexible as the future

Flexible team players need variable work surfaces. Communication and concentration – both enabled with invitation. The single invitation bench makes a virtue out of a lack of space. At the same time, the generously sized meeting table can be converted into two double workstations by means of a privacy screen and a multi-functional strip. For extra work space, an optional extension table is available. Basically, Sedus invitation is therefore much more than a system bench; it is a forward-looking work environment equipped for all contingencies.


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