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Sedus meet tables were designed to provide a pleasant, comfortable environment wherever people meet. They characterise places of rest and relaxation with graphic simplicity and conciseness. With distinct possibilities for individual design you draw inviting pictures for bistros, staff rest areas and canteens.

Design: Modus Product Design / Judith Daur (Sedus Design Team)


Where design and individuality meet

Whether a bistro or standing table, with a round or square table top: Sedus meet tables are available in lots of versions for almost any occasion. With a wide range of exclusive table top materials and numerous colour options, they can also be individualised with style.




Quite a sociable thing, for a table

The table top of the standing meet table folds down so it stacks neatly. And it can be combined with meet table over easy for an inviting table combination. So several people can gather in a pleasant setting, which encourages informal communication in bistros, staff rest rooms and lounge areas. Table covers as an accessory in any of four colours complete the programme as well as offering additional design freedom.


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