temptation prime

temptation prime

Conference table

The conference room is one of the visiting cards of a company. With the temptation prime conference tables, it is not difficult to shine here as the superb materials, the slimline desk tops and the solid legs with a rectilinear cross-section speak a very clear language: self-confidence, amiability and style are on the agenda. The prestigious lines of the temptation prime impress – as does the well thought-out functionality, which ensures smooth work procedures.

Design: Sedus Design Team / Andreas Struppler

Making an impression is on the agenda

Irrespective of the contents of a conference, temptation prime has in any case substance. At the very first glance, the unmistakeable design strikes the eye unequivocally. An impression of high-quality that is confirmed by the pleasant haptics as soon as one sits down. This is what quality feels like. The exquisite materials of the slimline desk top, the reassuring heaviness of the solid frame and the careful finish that is visible in the smallest detail leave no doubt: here, they know what matters.



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