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Team table

The team is the star. An insight that should be followed by the appropriate appreciation. For example, in the form of temptation prime, which is excellently suited to the creation of high-quality team workplaces. With exquisite materials, a slimline table top and solid legs, temptation prime impressively underlines the worth of any team.

Design: Sedus Design Team / Andreas Struppler

Design your own unique Sedus product – after all, maximum comfort requires customised solutions.

Our configurator guides you step by step through the various options and customisation possibilities of the product. At the end of the configuration process, you can request a non-binding quote, download images and planning data and test the product directly in the room using augmented reality.

You can call up your personal configuration again at any time using your personal PIN code – just save it, come back later and make adjustments. Let's go!


High-quality – and not only for those right at the top

As a high-quality supplement to the temptation family of products, the temptation prime tables are not only predestined for the executive floor. Thanks to the generous table top formats, even very large spaces or even entire departments can be designed impressively. Fine points of accentuation are set by the chrome-plated version of temptation prime – for example, as a workstation for the team leader. In purely optical terms, this exclusive variant stands out due to its rectilinear, 740 mm-high legs made of steel with a cross-section of 70 x 70 mm.

Enriches every team

The uniform design vocabulary and the high-quality look are not the only things that are impressive about the temptation prime team tables. The well thought-out functionality, which makes the desk or meeting table into a well-appreciated member of the team, also contributes to this effect. A centrally fitted electrification box, for example, is available on request and allows easy and useful integration of various media equipment. Additional accessories can also be placed in any position thanks to the all-round cross-rails.


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