Sedus' "Work and the City - the Temptation Office" revolutionises the design of office and urban spaces

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How can offices be designed to make them even more attractive to employees? Today, an "irresistible" office or a "tempting" workplace must be flexible and needs-orientated and offer the opportunity to choose the place of work as required. To this end, it should create an inviting atmosphere that takes into account the individual needs of employees. These developments have an impact on the use of offices and office buildings and bring about changes for entire neighbourhoods. With the slogan "Work and the City - the Temptation Office", Sedus will be introducing various furnishing solutions to the market starting from the end of January that pick up on the latest trends and provide an answer to the question of what the urban working world could look like.

"In light of the growing desire for a more harmonious balance between work and private life," explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG, "it is becoming increasingly important to design working environments that not only enable a healthy workload, but also actively contribute to reducing the workload of our employees. Developments like the advancement of digitalization and increased flexibility in working hours, enabling employees to plan their work assignments, are driving this trend. It is time for the world of work to adapt even more to the individual rhythm of life and not the other way round. Today, modern offices are characterised by a strong sense of community, personal and technological support and excellent opportunities for cooperation and direct team exchange. Our goal? To make the office an attractive and inspiring space - a true 'temptation office'."

Approaches for the realisation of a "seductive" office: Three new products at a glance

The face of our cities is changing significantly. A new category of public spaces, often referred to as "third places", is becoming increasingly important. These urban oases - be they idyllic parks or stylish cafés equipped with free internet access - offer professionals a unique opportunity to work flexibly and with inspiration beyond the traditional boundaries of office and home. The new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS focuses on this phenomenon.  The trend monitor reports on how the city and the office are merging, offering people new working environments that fulfil functional and emotional needs.

"The further development of the work-life balance is leading to even more flexible working methods that integrate seamlessly into our lives," explains Holzapfel. "The goal is a harmonious mix that takes efficiency and quality of life into account in equal measure. The 'hybrid office' is a place where work and leisure flow smoothly together. It adapts and takes inspiration from the city to offer more than just workspace. Inspired by this development, Sedus is introducing various furnishing solutions to the market in the first launch interval of 2024 that support and realise the transformation of the office."

se:living provides more of a home feeling in the office. Created by renowned Italian designer Robin Rizzini, this exclusive sofa represents a remarkable synthesis of home comfort and professional functionality. The innovative se:living sofa range marks a new era in workspace design: it combines the elegant aesthetics and unrivalled comfort of a living room sofa with practical features that meet the demands of modern working environments. Whether individually, in a corner or as an island configuration, with storage elements, add-on or side tables - the sofa system offers a wide range of possibilities.

The office is more diverse than ever before: touch-down workstations, workshop areas, lounge areas, conference rooms and much more characterise the available space. Added to this are hybrid forms of working and the home office, where the desire for more cosiness and comfort in the working context is even more important. The se:flair chair is one example that embodies all these facets. The new swivel chair combines comfort with function, bridging the gap between classic office chair and cosy shell chair.

se:lounge light stands for even more sustainability at Sedus. The seat shell is made of PET felt, a partially recycled material that is also 100% recyclable. Additionally, the shell chair not only combines design and comfort but also radiates cosiness, creating a pleasant atmosphere from the very first moment.

The new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS No.18 is available as a preview at the following link and can also be subscribed to online: The Evolution of the Working World: Hybrid Models Transform Offices and Cities

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