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For more protection in the workplace

Special circumstances require special measures. Personal protection in the workplace and the protection of colleagues have taken on an important role. To provide additional screening in open-plan offices and at double workstations, Sedus is offering add-on elements for the se:wall privacy screen and free-standing, flexible acrylic glass screens. These screens help reduce the spread of particles and provide additional protection at the workplace.

Here you can find products, solutions and tips for working from home.

Space Planning

Until a few months ago the focus in space planning was specifically about optimising the footprint and space utilisation factor, whilst increasing the amount of collaborationand meeting areas. One of the main objectives was to get people together and to share space. The new challenge today is how to make collaboration and exchange as effective and safe as possible whilst using the same spaces. Existing work processes and routines have to be reconsidered. Office spaces need to be rearranged and adapted in order to achieve the required physical distance between people without compromising on productivity and efficiency at work.

Adaptation of the working environment

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