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Working from home can be a challenge for those who are used to go to the office every day. To make the change of location as pleasant as possible, furnishings, technical equipment and individual design play an essential role. Both organisation and ergonomics are important for keeping healthy when working from home. “Work at home” deals with workplace posture. Being aware of and understanding the importance of changing the posture and position of the body can help improve our well-being. The following tips are intended to help you be more effective, take care of yourself and stay healthy at your workplace. 

Solutions and recommendations for a safe return to the office can be found here.


Expert talk:
How does more cosiness come into the office and how does work find its place at home?


  • Productive and homely – How does my workplace at home become a place of well-being? A look at furnishing concepts and individual possibilities.
  • Tips and tricks for an inclusive home office experience.
  • olutions for the employer – Home office as a service

Recording with our experts:
Jan Pahnke (Produktmanagement Sedus),
Angela Bartelmess (Produktmanagement Sedus) and
Lisa Rosa Bräutigam (COO – CEO from nuwo)



Ergonomics tips for working from home

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