More flexible, productive and efficient:

Connectivity and a fully charged battery are essential for flexible working.
As well as providing you with a wireless charging point, se:connects
also makes it easy for you to find a free workstation
and your colleagues with integrated iBeacon technology.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones make it possible to work anywhere.
But people still need to network with each other and organisations
are adopting more intelligent approaches to work, so the way we use
smartphones in particular will develop significantly in the coming years.




The office landscape was once shaped by fixed roles and rigid structures. But now a growing number of firms are benefitting from smart working. The ability to choose how and where to work, depending on what you are doing or your personal preferences is transforming the way we work at the most basic level. This is what drives greater profitability and happiness at work.


Each workstation can be equipped with a docking area. This is a circular cover which is integrated visibly or discreetly into the work surface. If an employee places their smartphone with the se:connects app on this docking area, they instantly log onto the workstation. At the same time, the smartphone is wirelessly charged by se:connects.


With the se:connects app, every employee can view a plan of the office floor plan on their smartphone and immediately see which workstations are currently occupied and which are available. In addition, the app allows colleagues to be found throughout the office, providing them the freedom to choose their workplace and to collaborate with the person they want.


se:connects is an intelligent and complete service solution. This can include detailed planning through to installation, maintenance and modifications. A full training package for both users and facility managers are part of the service support provided.