Sedus Service:

Smart Working doesn’t come more easy than this.

Planning and installation

From initial consultation through to subsequent changes, Sedus takes care of everything. In addition to installing the necessary hardware, this also includes adapting the se:connects app to meet your specific needs. We take care of your workplace data in the app.

Introduction and training

We are happy to assist you with the introduction of se:connects to your company. We familiarize your employees with all the functions and train your facility managers in the use of the web portal which can be employed for the analysis and application of occupancy data.

Maintenance and support

The hardware components of se:connects are almost wear free. Like all products and solutions of Sedus, the hardware and software of se:connects is subject to strict quality control. If a fault occurs, however, Sedus Support will take immediate care of repair or replacement.


The three steps to a Smart Working solution with se:connects.

Consultation and planning

It doesn’t matter if you are using new or existing furniture, Sedus takes care of the planning, along with any other steps.

Delivery and installation

The hardware components are delivered complete. By the time they arrive, the se:connects app and the web portal will have been customised for your company.

Working smart

After a brief introduction to the functions of se:connects, your employees will be able to use it immediately to enjoy all of the benefits of smart working.