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Founded in 1871, Sedus Stoll AG is now one of the leading European manufacturers of office furniture. The product range includes seating furniture, such as swivel and visitor chairs, as well as conference and office furniture – all "Made in Germany". In its 150-year company history, Sedus has been continuously setting new standards, in terms of ergonomics, manufacturing processes and sustainability. The brand is synonymous with innovation and technology, quality and aesthetics and it constantly enriches the office world with contemporary concepts and high-quality office furniture.

Always the right solution

With a particular focus on current trends, design and changes in the world of work, Sedus helps people to express their genuis. New organisational structures and forms of work call for flexible, modern furniture and tailored solutions. Particularly important are aspects that promote cooperation, communication and health of the employees. Therefore, Sedus focuses on the optimally adapted workplace, a wide range of products and quality for every chair and every desk.

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Sustainable since 1871

Sustainability is written into the Sedus DNA. This is reflected not only in the company's commitment to the development of environmentally friendly and ergonomically optimised workplace solutions, but also in its corporate structure – after all, a substantial proportion of its profits goes to two charitable foundations.


Why Sedus?

& Quality

High-quality office furniture from Sedus is characterised by ergonomic design, great aesthetics and excellent finish.

"Made in Germany"

With office furniture developed and produced in Germany, Sedus is committed to its locations, and places the highest demands on sustainability.

Design &

With creative designers and passionate engineers, Sedus creates office furniture solutions and products for the working world of today and tomorrow.

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