What is the future
for the world of work?

… and how can we improve the working environments of tomorrow?

In a rapidly changing world of work, many experts and companies are concerned with these issues. Together, we are searching for answers. What would happen if ...?

This year, Sedus is celebrating 150 years of company history. 150 years full of inventiveness, innovation and challenges. Today, this includes ever-increasing complexity and, at the same time, great opportunities through access to smart technologies. Now is the time to look to the future, explore new directions and conquer new horizons with an attitude of curiosity and confidence.
Join us on this exciting journey.


What you can expect:

A live broadcast with inspiring talks and reports. Innovative concept and product solutions as well as new colour and furnishing trends for the hybrid working of today and tomorrow.

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To delve deeper into the topics and learn more about the specific application and product solutions, take part in our versatile webinars:



Home Office Home

How does more cosiness come into the office and how does work find its place at home?

Hybride workplace model

What solutions are there for working from anywhere?

Agile Working

How does the office transform into an Office of Workshops?

The phygital office

How can the digital and physical dimensions be linked in a smart way?

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