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Space-saving folding desk for various working environments

The timelessly designed folding table is a real all-rounder. It can be used in a wide variety of work environments and enables the fast creation and redesign of extra space. Thanks to its folding mechanism and the optional lightweight board, it is easy to operate and takes up little storage space. The stacking trolley enables spacesaving storage of up to 12 desks.

A plastic tension bracket clamp is used to prevent the table legs from unintentionally unfolding. It allows a guided movement of the steel tension bracket and locks twice, to prevent the desk legs from unintentionallyunfolding when collapsed and from unintentionally folding down when opened. It is also fitted with an intuitive push button so that the desk can be easily handled. Whilst the table is folding out, the swivel joint ensures that the leg frames move sideways in opposite directions and align themselves symmetrically to the desktop when unfolded. When folded up, the leg frames are asymmetrical to the desktop so that the even the desks of small dimensions can be stacked in a space-saving way.


Design features

The se:lab products follow a modern, harmonious design language with high recognition value.  All components can be individually combined and allow great freedom of design. Thanks to their lightweight design, castors and other details, they can be operated intuitively and wherever needed. 

Colourful and individual 

Frames in classic black or fashionable fjord green, surfaces in clear white or oak: Various colours and combinations are available for the se:lab products, which can be put together according to taste and use area.
Whether Smart Balance, Soft Being, Urban Living or Multi Creation – the se:lab products can be modified to suit any of these colour schemes.

Conference desks

Workshop tools

Single and team desks

Desktop design


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