Universal stool

The office is a hub for personal exchange as well as a central location for planned and informal meetings. Classic workspaces are no longer just characterised by desks and swivel chairs; rather, they also come with homely elements that provide the feel-good factor. As a universal stool, se:dot fits into any work situation – in workshop rooms, places of retreat and lounge areas. It stands out due to its comfortable seat and creates a cosy look.



The lightweight stools create a pleasant atmosphere and enable new design approaches for the office. Corporate colours can also be easily reflected through the se:dot – the broad selection of colours and materials makes this possible.

Light & flexible

Due to its low weight, se:dot is easy to carry and can be moved around flexibly. The anti-slip fabric on the underside also ensures a secure base when sitting.


Cardboard, shaped foam, wooden plate, cover and leather carry strap: As se:dot is only composed of a few components, it can be disassembled for recycling according to type.

Versions and models

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