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MORE FLEXIBLE, MORE PRODUCTIVE, MORE EFFICIENT: se:connects is an intelligent solution for the use and management of workplaces in smart working environments. Every employee can easily find and book a free workplace or reserve meeting rooms that match the current work tasks via smartphone or other devices. Facility management can then use the occupancy data to optimise the working environment.

Find, reserve and book free workplaces easily with se:connects

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The all-in-one solution without compromises

To ensure everything goes smoothly, se:connects comprises service, software and hardware. You decide on the se:connects solution and Sedus takes care of the rest.


One concept, many benefits

Smart Working is not just a trend, but a real competitive advantage. Where fixed workplaces and rigid structures used to dominate office landscapes, more and more companies are now benefiting from the advantages of the smart working concept. The free choice of workplace – depending on tasks and preferences – fundamentally changes the way we work, thus significantly contributing to greater efficiency and job satisfaction.

The non-territorial character of activity-based working provides more flexibility and facilitates collaboration with colleagues. Members of a project team, for example, can choose workplaces in the immediate vicinity so that they can collaborate directly, based on activities, without having to cover long distances.

Physical proximity promotes communication. The more directly information and ideas can be exchanged, the better the quality and result of the work. Smart Working stimulates communication by means of communication-enhancing zones such as group workstations or lounges and contributes to the direct exchange of information between employees. Where employees feel comfortable, they are usually also more productive.

Short distances and direct exchange with colleagues have a positive effect on productivity. Close collaboration also reduces the effort required for coordinating processes. Projects can be advanced faster, and decisions be made faster. Results are achieved in less time and usually prove to be better.

Smart Working not only offers advantages for employees. The concept is also profitable for companies. Intelligent Smart Working solutions such as se:connects allow space to be used more efficiently. Facility managers can immediately identify and respond to less frequented office space – either by reassigning it or by selectively reducing the operating costs.

Hardware for your Smart Working solution

All sensors and receivers can be installed inconspicuously on furniture. The sensors are extremely small and have a very long battery life. They are used in combination with se:connects and are installed on chairs and tables. The data is collected in the gateway and sent to the cloud so that the app can read it.

Everything at a glance with the app

Guaranteed privacy for your employees: it is not possible to create movement profiles or identify users based on the data.



Find, book and use a free workplace 

The entire office floor plan with all workplaces is stored in the se:connects app. It displays every occupancy and booking so that the user can immediately see which places are occupied (yellow) or booked (red) and which are available (green). The filter options help to find a suitable workplace, depending on whether concentration, communication or collaboration is required.



Locate colleagues

All employee names and contact details are stored in the app. If you tap on the name of the colleague you are looking for, se:connects displays the current workplace. Employees who are searched for frequently or who are members of a certain project team, for example, can be saved in a favourites list.

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Book conference rooms

Room booking is simple: First the participants for the meeting are selected, then necessary technical equipment, such as a video conference system or smartboard, can be added via the filter options. Based on the criteria and number of people, se:connects then suggests a suitable room.
You can also book any free room.

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Targeted analysis and detailed evaluation

Which workplaces are most popular with employees and which are hardly used? Is an additional conference room really needed when the occupancy rate of the existing rooms is only 30%? These and other questions can be answered in no time with se:connects.

Maximum security in the cloud

The status data about workplace occupancy is transferred by default to the cloud via an IoT gateway and is continuously synchronised. The cloud provides the data for the app and the analysis tools, so that employees and facility managers can easily find out about workplace and room occupancies – for example, via the Office Outlook calendar. Depending on the interface, external systems, such as catering services and parking management or access controls, can also be integrated.

To make sure your data is safe

se:connects runs by default in the “Kapsch earthDATAsafe”, Austria’s most secure computing centre built 900 metres into the mountains. All data that is recorded is stored in the Kapsch data safe. The server is certified with all security-relevant certifications. Since the cloud platform is container-based, it can also be hosted in an external data centre.

Highest standards in terms of data security and privacy

Facility managers and everybody who uses the web platform for analysis only have access to anonymised data. This means that individual usage times cannot be assigned to a particular employee at any time during the evaluation. The personal data and individual bookings that are required temporarily when using se:connects (for example, to locate colleagues) are automatically deleted every day. The complete system is therefore GDPR compliant.

Service - smart working can be so easy

Sedus takes care of all the necessary steps from the initial consultation to analysis and active use. Setting up se:connects couldn’t be easier.

Whether already existing office structures or new furnishings: in a joint workshop we will examine the existing spaces, adopt the floor plans and define the functionalities of the app. The next step is the implementation.

se:connects Analytics – the evaluation module – enables facility managers to document the current occupancy data of the office space over a defined period of time.

Based on the analysis results, Workplace Consulting develops a concept that takes into account different ways of working and needs. This allows the existing area to be reorganised and optimally used.

In an individually optimised smart office, employees use se:connects Professional to smartly book workplaces and meeting rooms and locate colleagues.

Sedus transformation experts

Do you need support with your smart office design? The experienced Sedus transformation experts will help you analyse and design or optimise your working environment. Based on the findings of the current use of your office space, they will develop possible solutions, identify opportunities and, on the basis of the results, elaborate a planning framework which will help to develop a sustainable, innovative office concept, with exactly the work settings that ideally support your respective activities and working methods. For a custom-made office concept that focuses on the company goals and the wellbeing of the employees.



FAQ - frequently asked questions

No, the employees will not be monitored more or less than before. Even though the system knows the bookings and the corresponding people, all personal references are deleted at the end of the day. From a technical point of view, it is, therefore, not possible to report anyone. An employee can be located by other employees if the respective setting has been enabled. However, this function can be disabled if it is not desired.

Yes, any time. It is not possible to create movement profiles or assign data to a specific user.

Yes, bookings can be cancelled under the menu item “My Bookings”. You can also cancel a booking via Outlook, for example.

Yes, your data is safe! se:connects runs by default in the “earthDATAsafe”. It is Austria’s most secure data centre, built 900 metres deep into the mountain.
It manages and processes banking transactions, flight safety data and similar critical data.

You don’t have to, but it makes things easier. The se:connects gateway only requires an open Internet connection. This connection can also be easily established via the guest WLAN. To do so, the MAC addresses must be enabled via your admin. This does not, however, affect the internal IT infrastructure. Another option would be to provide a parallel infrastructure.

Yes, if the external systems have an open interface, they can be integrated. Please contact us. We will be happy to send you an offer.

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