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Growing flexibility in the workplace is increasingly changing the way we work. This makes it all the more important to make central services, such as post, document and fleet management easily and safely accessible at all times, independent of any particular employee’s availability.

This is where se:hub comes into play: The smart storage space with lockers helps to exchange documents in compliance with data protection regulations and between departments, to return faulty IT equipment and to contactlessly distribute new goods. Laptops and work documents can also be safely locked overnight. Vehicle keys and documents can be made available independent of working hours.



24/7 availability
Items can be stored and collected without using a key, around the clock

Receipts for drop-off and pick-up
You can always check via the app whether an item has been deposited for you or when an item you have deposited is collected

Contactless transfer of goods
In times of Covid-19, a contactless handover of goods increases the safety of employees

Document security
Confidential documents are made available in compliance with GDPR and without unnecessary delay

Modular system
The terminal can be equipped with different locker elements in various sizes

Customised design
Our order-specific production allows for a variety of designs of individual locker units


Examples of use

There are no limits to your ideas – basic workflows for the se:hub are pre-defined for many application areas. Furthermore, you can add individual workflows and visualise them using the existing software system.


As a handover station
The system is ideal for the contactless transfer of documents and objects. It is guaranteed that only authorised persons can open the respective locker using the QR code. se:hub is operational around the clock and thus offers a 24-hour service for:

  • IT hardware (contactless handover and delivery of hardware, e.g. laptop, smartphone, beamer)
  • Fleet management (provision of keys and vehicle documents)
  • HR department (safe and compliant with data protection handover of documents)
  • External services, such as couriers, laundry services, repair services

As a temporary storage
The lockers are also ideal for temporary and protected storage of items in the following areas:

  • Reception (storage of bags, suitcases)
  • Meeting and seminar rooms (storage of documents and workshop tools for seminars)
  • Open-plan offices (locking up valuables)
  • Co-working areas (overnight storage of work materials)


The locker units come with a cable-connected electronic lock with an indicator light as standard. A USB charging function and an LED light are also optionally available.

Operation via app or at the terminal

Using the app, you can book electronic lockers from anywhere. All bookings can be shared with colleagues or external guests and service providers. They will receive an individual information text via email as well as a QR code to open the locker.


One-time registration at the locker unit terminal or via the app (smartphone or desktop)

Book the locker
Select an available locker and, if necessary, enter a time slot for collection; place the item into the locker and close it; the programme will create a QR code to open the locker which you can then forward

Open the locker
The recipient can open the locker with the provided QR code using the scanner at the terminal (no registration required)

a) The locker cabinet is transferred to the app, enabling the user to quickly find the desired locker. Available lockers are displayed in green.

b) Select the desired locker and enter a time slot. It is possible to enter an individual message for the recipient (optional).

c) A QR code is generated after the booking has been made. Using this code, you can open the locker and share it with others.

Individual and modular

The core element of the se:hub system is the terminal. It has a QR code scanner, is available in two heights and can be optionally equipped with a touch screen for operation.
We offer standard modules for additional functionality, which can be configured in four heights and in different locker sizes (XS, S, M and L). These modules create a wide range of individual configuration options.

optional touch screen

Standard modules
*incl. plinth and cover panel


Configuration examples


Data security

se:hub is a cloud-based data system that has been developed in cooperation with the company Kapsch from Austria. The software and hardware guarantee the best quality and security from Europe.

Your data is safe here
The software of the se:hub runs by default in the “Kapsch earthDATAsafe“, Austria’s most secure computing centre built 900 meters into the mountains. All data that is recorded is stored in the Kapsch data safe. The server is certified with all security-relevant certifications. Since the cloud platform is container-based, it can also be hosted in an external data centre.

Colourful and individual

Our order-specific production makes individual designs of the se:hub possible – from high-quality decorative wood to high-contrast colour combinations. The Sedus colour schemes – Smart Balance, Soft Being, Urban Living or Multi Creation – provide inspiration for different design concepts.

  • Can be used via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with all common operating systems
  • When commissioning a se:hub, it is essential to ensure there is access to a power supply and a stable internet connection at the installation site
  • Existing standard workflows, such as Smart Locker, fleet management, document management, contactless handover, IT supply as well as customised workflows are possible
  • Open API (integration into existing infrastructure/Active Directory)
  • Integration of the workplace management system se:connects or other third-party systems are possible
  • GDPR compliant
  • Individualisation of the app design, for example, with your own logo and background colour
Standard modules


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