Folding stool

Spontaneously relocate the morning meeting to the kitchen? An easy way of fitting in unexpected guests? Works out easily – no problem! With the TAKEoSEAT –probably the most practical stool in the world. It can be stowed away to save space and assembled quietly with just a few clicks to create a comfy seat in an instant.



The practical portable folding stool.

Take it to go: your TAKEoSEAT folds away in no time, so you can take it with you – home, to the park, to a festival. As the name implies: take it with you and have a seat. Smart, lightweight and sturdy – you will not want to leave without. By the way: it easily fits in your trunk or your camper too!

It also looks good at home: TAKEoSEAT is here for you. A spontaneous kitchen party, TV Netflix marathon or a quick chat on the balcony. A stool that’s as flexible as your life, and always ready for something new!

Sustainable production

We purchase around two thirds of the steel, aluminium and wood which we require to produce our products in Germany and almost all the rest from Europe, this helps us to avoid long delivery routes whilst, at the same time, boosting the local economy. We use materials which have been tested and assessed with respect to potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment.


Sustainable production of TAKEoSEAT

  • Use of certified PET felt in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Produced using 100 % green electricity 
  • Produced in accordance with EMAS III Environmental management 
  • Produced in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 Environmental management 
  • Produced in accordance with DIN EN 45001 Occupational safety


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