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In "The New Normal" project of R+V Allgemeine Versicherungen AG (insurance company), we created a new area with several open-plan and individual offices at their Wiesbaden site. The office space, which extends over 600 m2, was fitted with workstations for concentrated as well as flexible work and complemented with conference rooms.

The right concept for every department

The previous office design at R+V was based on the classic layout – cellular offices, individual workstations, meeting rooms. In the course of the redesign, they launched "The New Normal" project, which is carried out in several stages. Last year, for example, height-adjustable tables were integrated and various furniture settings were placed in a project area that could be actively used and tested. The findings are now being incorporated into the implementation of the so-called "home ports" of the individual departments.

Flexible, efficient, modern – with Sedus

To enable the interplay of concentration, collaboration, communication and contemplation, we implemented a variety of room concepts that can be flexibly used by the employees. This way, everyone can be productive according to their way of working and their needs.

The different Sedus furniture optimally supports the individual departmental requirements. For example, employees who need more storage space have more or larger locker cabinets. If the area in question requires space for communication and collaboration, we used, for example, the mastermind flow and mastermind high desks, where several colleagues can easily find space. The lounge chair se:lounge, the comfortable sweetspot and sopha provide comfort. Space for retreat is made possible by the se:cube room-in-room system, while a temporary individual workstation is offered by secretair in combination with on spot. For workshop requirements, we integrated the se:lab range, which ensures a productive atmosphere with the high desk, for example, and also with the hopper or the se:mood four-legged chair.

Single workstation

Fitted with individual furnishings, the individual workstation becomes a place where concentration is a high priority.

  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Contemplation

For more information and inspiration on dividing workspaces according to user needs, go to Sedus Solutions.



Flooded with light and spatially partitioned: communication can take place without interruption and meetings become more productive.

  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Contemplation


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