150 years – Sedus is celebrating its birthday

With the motto „Sedus. Haltung seit 1871“, Sedus is launching its communication campaign for its 150th anniversary this year. The associated logo of the tree is a representation and symbol of the essence and uniqueness of the company: consistent, close to nature, natural and caring.

With an attitude, a vision, a doer mentality and courage, Albert Stoll I laid the foundations in 1871 for what Sedus is today. 150 years of company history – that's 150 years of great ideas, accompanied by groundbreaking innovations, full of excellent products and solutions. It is a time marked by inventors and motivated teams who have conquered new horizons. From the production of the first office swivel chair in Europe to complete office furnishings. The unique combination of tradition, values and ergonomics, as well as close cooperation with employees, partners and customers, precisely demonstrate the attitude that makes Sedus so special – and this has been the case since 1871.


I'm more interested in the future than in the past, because the future is where I intend to live.

Albert Einstein

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