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Everything about netwin speaks of excellence – the design, the finish, the ergonomics. And at a price that is attractive to customers who are new to the Sedus range of seating  furniture. At the same time, netwin fits smoothly into any surroundings, both visually and functionally. netwin owes its name to the double mesh membrane in the backrest, which is not only lights but also provides an impressive level of comfort. Improved ergonomics for relaxed and efficient working.

Design: Michael Kläsener (Sedus Design Team)



The perfect ergonomics reduces pressure and frees your mind

Sedus netwin combines the transparent lightness of the mesh look with the comfort of a fully upholstered chair. The one-piece, generously proportioned backrest frame provides an elegant solution. The double membrane, which is made from patented high-tech fabric, is elaborately framed. This technically and visually impressive design ensures high sitting comfort and optimal distribution of weight for users of all sizes.


Dynamic sitting

With its instant adjustment of spring force, the Sedus “Similar” mechanism holds and supports your back whichever way you move, and at the same time prevents the annoying “shirt-pulling” effect. The extreme opening angle of the backrest of up to 32° enables various comfortable sitting positions, reclining almost to a lying position. Even in the lowest sitting position, the bodyweight is absorbed by the gas lift mechanism for height adjustment with mechanical depth springing, thus reducing stress on the back.





Height-adjustable lumbar support
Quick backrest pressure adjustment


ArmrestsHeight-adjustable plastic armrestsWithout armrests
4-D armrests with soft-touch covers
Seat mechanism“Similar” mechanism“Similar” mechanism with seat tilt adjustment
Sliding seat (adjustment range 60 mm)
Seat height-adjustmentGaslift with mechanical depth-springingGas lift mechanism
BasePlastic baseAluminium base, powder-coated black
Aluminium base, powder-coated white aluminium
Aluminium base, polished
Model colour (mechanism and plastic parts)Black 
SpecificationHard castors for soft floorsSoft castors for hard floors

User weightRecommended for user weights up to 110 kg

• Anatomically shaped seating surface with pelvis support, seat hollow and rounded front edge of seat 
• Shaped foam (polyurethane foam) 
• Upholstery thickness 50 mm, width 470 mm, depth 400 mm 
• Optional sliding seat with seat depth 380 - 440 mm

Seat height-adjustment

• Gaslift with mechanical depth-springing: reinforced cushioning of the body‘s weight even in the lowest seat position, height adjustment  400 - 520 mm 
• Optional gaslift for infinitely variable height adjustment 400 - 520 mm
• Optional gaslift for counter design with footring

Base • Basic base made of plastic (polyamide, glass-fibre reinforced), black, castors with 50 mm diameter
• Optional aluminium base, powder-coated, black, white aluminium or polished aluminium, castors with 65 mm diameter
• Hard or soft castors
Backrest • Black plastic frame made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide, covered with woven-knit membrane (Wovenit®), air and moisture permeable - Wovenit® is a polyamidhybride with memory effects, which guarantees an always perfect reshaping of the double net 
• Lumbar adjustment mechanism (height adjustment 70 mm) integrated in the backrest frame and double membrane; automatic depth adaptation due to weight-dependent sinking of the body into the double membrane
• The structure and colours of the double membrane harmonise very well with the Crêpe (PG4) and Gaja (PG2) collections. A recommendation for attractive colour combinations with the Gaja (PG2) collection can be found in the netwin brochure.

• Height-adjustable plastic armrests (3611) in black, height adjustment 100 mm (200 - 300 mm), clear width 470 - 490 mm 
• Optionally available 4D adjustable armrests in black with Softtouch pads, aluminium support in black (3414) or polished (3484), height adjustment: 100 mm (185 - 285 mm), inside width 450 – 500 mm with parallel armrests, inside width 360 – 510 mm by swivelling the pads (distance between armrest front edges) 

Standards/ Certificates 

• GS label by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH / DIN EN 1335 
• Ergonomics Certificate of TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH
• Tested for harmful substances by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH 
• QUALITY OFFICE quality seal 
• GREENGUARD certified 
• AGR quality seal - Healthy Backs Campaign 
• iF product design award 2007

Warranty5 years


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